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As experienced Oregon employment law attorneys in Portland, the legal team at Meyer Stephenson have led in over 20 jury trials. At Meyer Stephenson, we successfully represent clients in all types of Oregon employment law cases. Our experienced employment law attorneys represents employees all over the state of Oregon. We work on a contingency fee and hourly basis in cases involving discrimination, harassment, retaliation, employment contracts, wage claims, and wrongful termination.


Race, National Origin, Age, Religion, other…?


Gender, Race, Sexual Orientation, other…?

Wrongful Termination

Illegal or unfair firing…?


Employer Threats, Hostile Remarks, other…?


“I was terminated by my company and then asked to sign a separation agreement with some rather ambiguous and tricky ‘non-solicitation’ language in it. Robert Meyer helped me to better understand how this ‘non-solicitation’ language might effect my ability to get another job similar to the one I had prior to my termination. His counsel really helped me make an informed decision as to whether I should sign the separation agreement. He was very thorough and easy to work with.”

~former client

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Christina Mae Ketcham
Christina Mae Ketcham
Meyer Stephenson Employment Law took on my case of employer provided healthcare Insurance services not being covered. I was being denied Medical Insurance coverage for medically necessary transgender surgery and had come to the end of the Insurance Companies appeals process. Meyer Stephenson, in partnership with two other law firms, picked up my case and filed suit. After due process I was awarded substantial damages and funds toward my surgery. All at no cost to me. The Landmark decision leaves a clear precedent supporting Insurance companies decision to cover medically necessary transgender medical as part of their insurance plans. Meyer Stephenson picked up my appeal efforts and saw them through until Settlements were reached. The attorneys at Meyer Stephenson are just what you need if your employer has not lived up to employment law standards . I highly recommend this law firm
brett resko
brett resko
Talia Kevin and Bob were very responsive and always kept me informed of the progress of my case. Meyer Stephenson did a great job representing me and I'd recommend them to anyone with employment issues. I also appreciated the honesty throughout the entire process.
tosha lopez
tosha lopez
Had a great experience working with this firm. Ashley was incredible with handling my case and helping me work thru it step by step and being a real support system within the whole process. Everyone within the firm I talked to was helpful and seemed to really care for the client. Would definitely recommend this firm.
Aaron Todd
Aaron Todd
Ashley was extremely helpful to me, she responded quick to my questions and walked me through the entire process. Professional and gets it done right. Highly recommend 👌
Jennifer Myrick
Jennifer Myrick
I know little to nothing about employment law, but I knew the situation I found myself in was wrong and I needed help. I spoke to a few attorneys and got the impression that I would not get the attention I needed. Then, by some extremely fortunate occurrence, I was referred to Christina and Ashley at Oregon Workplace Law. They immediately understood that I needed help and were there to advocate for me. At the outset they made me feel like I could trust them and that my matter would be handled exceptionally. Furthermore, they told me the strength of my claim and what I could expect in my case. THEY WERE SPOT ON! Although I opted for settlement for professional reasons, they were ready for trial! I sincerely appreciate their ardent advocacy and hard work. I am so incredibly grateful for Christina, Ashley, and the whole team! THANK YOU!
Krista Jankowski
Krista Jankowski
I HIGHLY suggest this firm!! Everyone is friendly, fast and efficient. My case was resolved quite quickly. 😊
Nick Caleb
Nick Caleb
Christina Stephenson was extremely helpful to me in an employment dispute I was having. She gave me great advice the whole way through and put me in a position to resolve the matter that worked out great for me. She’s highly professional and attentive to client needs. I highly recommend her!
Stephanie Head
Stephanie Head
Robert Meyer is patient and extremely thorough. I appreciate his attention to detail and genuine compassion. I highly recommend.
Josh Tyree
Josh Tyree
Please let me tell you why I give Bob Meyer my highest recommendation : I really got put thru the ringer by my former employer and that’s the polite way of putting it. Bob was transparent and he even made it easier for me to get to our meetings. In the amount of time I had expected, I received a sizable and fair settlement. I consider Bob my friend. He is a highly talent attorney. Thanks for everything Bob : you made a huge difference! I received justice.

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Oregon Employment Law Attorney Robert Meyer

Robert Meyer

Robert Meyer is an experienced trial lawyer specializing in Oregon employment law in Portland, Oregon. Robert graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English from U.C Berkeley and received his law degree from the University Of Oregon School Of Law…
Oregon Employment Law Attorney Michael Owens

Michael Owens

Mike was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and grew up in the Mountain West. He is passionate about helping employees who have experienced unlawful harassment, discrimination, and retaliation at work because he believes everyone deserves to be treated with dignity in the workplace. While in college at the University of Wyoming, Mike was a national champion in parliamentary debate. At Willamette University College of Law, he was a law review editor, was inducted into the Order of the Barristers as a moot court member, and graduated in the top five percent of his class.

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Difference Between Employment Law and Workers Comp

Difference Between Employment Law and Workers Comp

Is Employment Law and Workers’ Compensation Law One and the Same? Worker’s compensation law and employment law are two separate but related areas of the law. Because of their shared focus on employees and the workplace, employment law and...

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The Top 4 Oregon Discrimination Cases

The Top 4 Oregon Discrimination Cases

Most workplace disputes are resolved out of court. This also applies to litigation alleging discrimination in the workplace. However, in the event of a jury trial, the value of your compensation from the lawsuit rises. The Covid-19 pandemic had...

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How can Age Discrimination be proved in Oregon?

How can Age Discrimination be proved in Oregon?

Age discrimination is prohibited under Federal and Oregon laws. An employer may be held liable for age discrimination if they treat their employee differently due to their age and wrongfully terminate them for it. Aging populations and workforces...

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