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Employment law comes into play when an employee is subjected to unlawful treatment by their employer. At Meyer Employment Law, our lawyers know that it is usually difficult for the employees to feel empowered. They choose not to seek justice against their workplace abuse as they are faced with a choice to take a stance against their well-funded employers. As a result, it might seem that the employer has the upper hand in such situations. With our years of experience fighting for our clients in Medford, Oregon and the skill that comes with it, at Meyer, we want to balance the odds and fight for you against any adverse steps your employer takes, no matter how large or well-funded they are.

Employment Lawyer Medford Oregon

Types of Employment Law

As an employee in Medford, Oregon, if you have been subjected to breaches of your employment rights, you can rely on our employment attorneys to fight for your rights. Some violations of your employee rights could include: 

Wrongful Termination

If your employment was terminated because of your age, color, gender, or any other protected class under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, you can take legal action against your former employer. To ensure that you get the greatest amount of compensation for your wrongful termination, our attorneys will investigate the circumstances surrounding your dismissal thoroughly and make a comprehensive plan of action for you.

Working Conditions

Every American worker has the right to a safe workplace. We can help you fight for better safety and compensation if you think your workplace doesn’t meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Contact us now to learn more about how we can assist.

Sexual Harassment

Workplaces must be free of sexual harassment, including unwanted approaches or any behavior which creates a hostile, threatening or unpleasant environment. There may be legal recourse if your company has failed to take action after you reported incidents of sexual harassment to the human resources department or another agency. If nothing works out, then you can approach the Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries (BOLI) (State agency) and The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) (Federal Agency) and make complaints regarding the issue.


Have you been discriminated against because of your race, ethnicity, religion, pregnancy, or another legally protected status? Even though there is no standardized test for bias, an attorney can use evidence from your employer’s actions to show that discrimination was the motivating force behind your treatment at the workplace. At Meyer Employment Law, our legal team is ready to obtain the evidence required to establish that your rights have been violated.

Wages and Overtime

If, as a salaried person, you work more than 40 hours a week, you are entitled to overtime compensation. Employers must also pay your salary stipulated in the employment contract. You can also recover lost earnings if you feel you were underpaid for your work with the assistance of our expert employment lawyers in Medford, Oregon.

Retaliation for Whistleblowing

You can’t be demoted, fired, given a pay reduction, or otherwise punished for reporting wrongdoing by your employer. The Whistleblower Protection Act 1989 was passed to protect employees who have been subjected to retaliation by their employers for speaking up about abuses of their legal rights at work. You can count on Meyer’s help if you’re willing to speak up for what you believe in.

At Meyer Employment Law, we will be able to assist you and can represent you in cases involving all kinds of employment issues such as:

  • Age Discrimination.
  • Discrimination based on a person’s disability.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act Issues.
  • Issues related to the Family and Medical Leave Act.
  • Discrimination against Women.
  • Discriminatory hiring Processes.
  • Discrimination based on One’s Country of Birth.
  • Discrimination based on a woman’s pregnancy.
  • Discrimination based on race.
  • Discrimination based on religion.
  • Retirement Benefits issues.
  • Wage and Hour Laws.
  • Protections for Government Whistleblowers.
  • Confidentiality in the workplace.
  • Wrongful Termination.
  • Harassment based on sexual orientation.
  • Discrimination because of Sexual Orientation.
  • Unemployment Benefits issues.
  • Union Member Rights issues.
  • Unsafe Working Conditions.

Importance of an Employment Lawyer in Medford, Oregon

An employment lawyer is a necessity when facing an employment issue. We will mention the reasons here:

  • Be aware of your legal rights.
    Employment law is quite complicated. You may be unsure whether you have a case that warrants further attention. Employment lawyers can examine your circumstances and assist you in making informed decisions about your legal future.
  • Get the Help You’re Looking For
    Taking on your employer, particularly a major one, is a challenge. They likely have a group of lawyers working to keep the corporation safe from any legal ramifications. At Meyer Employment Law, we will always be ready to help you in such times of struggle.
  • Improve the Quality of Your Work
    Making an effort to defend yourself in court without extensive knowledge of employment law can substantially harm your prospects of success. Never take such a risk, instead ask for one of our attorneys here at Meyer, who can help you if you believe your rights have been violated.

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Resolving an employment law dispute is seldom straightforward. Employment legal knowledge alone is not sufficient. To win a case, you must know how to collect and present the information that supports your claim in a manner that either persuade an employer to settle or persuades a jury to award damages. In the meanwhile, you can be confident that your employer’s legal team will be hard at work refuting your claim.

Make sure your rights aren’t being violated. Meyer has been helping individuals like you for years to get justice when their employment rights have been violated.

FAQs about Employment Law

Is my work environment hostile?

Stressful work environments are typical. You may have to deal with unpleasant or bothersome coworkers. You may work for a boss that constantly yells at you, is impatient with you, and is just a pain to be around. All of this would not be considered a hostile workplace. However, legal recourse is only available to you in certain circumstances; they can include, for example, if your employer frequently throws racial insults at you or threats to terminate your employment if you refuse to perform sexual favors.

My boss inquired whether I had any plans to become pregnant. Is it even legal?

No. Employers are prohibited by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act 1978 from inquiring about an employee’s intentions to get pregnant. Pregnancy-related discrimination against an employee is prohibited by the law. If your rights have been violated in any way, our Medford Oregon employment attorneys can assist you in bringing a discrimination lawsuit against your workplace.

Can I afford a lawyer?

At Meyer Employment Law, we offer a free consultation. You have nothing to lose by scheduling a free consultation with one of our lawyers. The pertinent question here should be: Can I afford not to pay an attorney? We strongly advise you to contact one of our lawyers as soon as possible if your employer has wrongfully terminated you or engaged in other unlawful conduct. We will do an honest appraisal of your case and inform you about your chances of success in negotiations or court.

Contact us at Meyer Employment Law for a free case evaluation and speak with one of our experienced employment lawyers in Medford, Oregon.

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