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When you need the best legal brains on your side, you can count on Meyer  employment attorneys in Gresham, Oregon. Meyer employment law specialists and have successfully represented many clients who have had legal employment issues.

Contract of Employment

At, Meyer Employment Law we assist our clients with executive compensation agreements, non-compete agreements, trade secret clauses, and severance contracts.

We strongly encourage you to consult with an attorney before signing anything containing such provisions. Your employer may ask you to sign a severance agreement or release of  claim as part of your severance package. Our lawyers at Meyer are experienced in this and can assist you in understanding the contents of the agreement and helping you determine whether it is right for your case.

Employment Discrimination and Retaliation: What You Can Do if It’s Legal?

Employers in Oregon and around the nation often flout important labor rules, frequently to the detriment of thousands of workers. Unlawful action taken against an employee for opposing or rejecting discrimination is the most prevalent problem in cases brought before the EEOC, according to it. Or, to put it another way, it is likely that your employer would punish you for bringing their discriminatory practices to their knowledge (or assisting another employee to do so).

As a result of discrimination at work or retribution for speaking out, our lawyers can assist you in pursuing several legal remedies.

The following may be possible with our help:

  • Promotion or reinstatement.
  • Payment in the past and the future.
  • If you have been harmed emotionally or financially due to a crime, we can help you get punitive damages.
  • Warning from the court against your employer’s future unlawful activities through an injunction.

Forced Arbitration Clauses: The Issues with Employment Mediations

Employers will do whatever it takes to avoid being sued in front of the public. To resolve disagreements between an employer and an employee, arbitration (a formal and binding type of mediation) is mandated in employment contracts in Oregon and the United States. Employment advocacy organizations and lawmakers have made efforts to abolish these provisions, but they have not yet succeeded.

We will stand by your side and demand the same degree of expertise, attention to detail, and devotion to justice as you will find in a court of law if your employer pushes you to resolve an employment law matter via arbitration.

Employees’ rights under the law

When we lose our jobs, we lose our sense of self-worth, our sense of community, and our capacity to support our families. Thus, workers’ rights are protected by law in Oregon and the rest of the country.

Under federal and state employment regulations, you are entitled to the following:

  • Race, religion, age, handicap, sex, and other protected characteristics cannot be used to discriminate against you in the workplace.
  • Your workplace should be free of sexual harassment.
  • You have the right to a minimum salary and overtime pay.
  • When you or a member of your family is sick or wounded, you have the right to take time off from work to care for them.
  • You are protected from retaliation if you refuse to engage in or denounce illegal action by your employer (whistleblower protection).
  • When you are hurt at work, you have a legal entitlement to workers’ compensation.

If you are an employee involved in discrimination, harassment, retaliation, employment contracts, wage claims or wrongful termination, you need the right lawyer to represent you. Meyer, your employment attorneys in Portland, Oregon have had 20 jury trials over the last five years and is permitted to practice law in all states and federal courts in Oregon.

Meyer Employment Law will make sure you are treated fairly and obtain the outcome you need. Discrimination at work, for any reason is wrong.

Your employment attorney in Gresham, Oregon, will help to fight for your rights.

If you have any questions, or need any advice, please call Meyer Employment Law now for your FREE consultation. Make sure you get the peace of mind that you and your family deserve.

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Gresham Employment Attorney, Robert Meyer
Gresham Employment Attorney, Robert Meyer
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Gresham Employment Law Attorney, Michael Owens
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