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Testimonials from our clients

“I am fortunate to have met you.  You have represented yourself and your profession admirably.”

“I am very happy with your work on this case. You did a great job explaining the case to me and keeping me updated on developments.  Thank you.”

“Thank you for taking this case.  I understand attorneys would always like and go for the big ones, but sometimes the little ones have a big meaning to the one you are helping.  Just wanted you to know how much it meant for your time and help.”

“I was terminated by my company and then asked to sign a separation agreement with some rather ambiguous and tricky ‘non-solicitation’ language in it. Robert Meyer helped me to better understand how this ‘non-solicitation’ language might effect my ability to get another job similar to the one I had prior to my termination. His counsel really helped me make an informed decision as to whether I should sign the separation agreement. He was very thorough and easy to work with.”

“Very knowledgeable kept me informed and up to date. The advice was great. Bob is very friendly and responsive to needs. I pray I never have to use him again but I’m confident in his aptitude. Thank you again Bob. Wish you much more success in your endeavors.”

“It will be very hard to say what I have to say about Robert in limited words. He was so excellent!! When we had our first phone contact, he asked me some questions and I answered them, of course thinking he wasn’t really interested in what I had to say let alone BELIEVING ME with what I had went through with my former employer and co-workers, but he did listen to me and explained the process and everything to me, and this actually gave me some hope. I am a person that has learned not to get my hopes up, so I was skeptical and didn’t believe anything would really happen for me. I had a phone conference already scheduled with BOLI that was coming up soon, and I let Robert know this. Robert asked me to re-schedule the phone conference so that he could read through my paperwork and attend the phone conference. I had recently sent my papers to Robert, so he did not have a chance to look over them. I re-scheduled the phone conference with BOLI as Robert asked. First of all…going through BOLI and having an attorney on my side was something that I would never have expected. Robert believed me and what had happened with my former employer. Robert was with me and on my side each time I had a phone conference with the BOLI investigator. This made it comfortable for me. Many times during the phone conferences I became emotional, I had to answer questions for the investigator and give explanations of what had happened with my former employer and co-workers. Robert understood and didn’t judge me for being emotional. The phone conferences with BOLI went smooth and with Robert’s support, I honestly believe the investigator also believed me. Robert took my case out of BOLI and continued through his office, and from there on it was nothing but positive. In fact, the whole experience with BOLI and Robert’s support was positive. Having to speak to an investigator can be very intimidating. Robert kept me informed on everything that was happening with my case. I didn’t have to call him or bother him just to find out, that meant a lot to me. Robert would either call me or send me an e-mail just to touch base. My past employer tried to settle with a small settlement amount, and Robert felt this was the beginning of negotiations, he went back and forth with my past employers attorney and the settlement amount kept going up. Robert was honest with me and let me know what amount was fair. I am not a greedy person, and I trusted Robert with everything. I just couldn’t believe my past employer was trying to settle. They obviously knew they were in the wrong and didn’t want things to go further through the courts, I was so happy to hear this. It was again hard to believe this was happening. I still did not want to get my hopes up because I was sure something was going to fall through, but Robert kept me positive. Robert was positive himself. There was a time when he had gotten kind of ornery with the other attorney, and it made me happy, and again, it went our way. A settlement offer was agreed on that was more than fair. Everything with the settlement happened so fast, I couldn’t believe it. People always say that any kind of settlement takes years, but in my case and all of Robert’s work, it only took a couple of months. I guess you just have to have the right attorney on your side. It was hard to believe that this really happened for me. I would recommend Robert’s services to anyone that needs help or if you just have questions. I believe he would take the time to listen. Robert is so nice and understands what you’re saying. At first I thought I didn’t deserve the help, maybe I deserved being terminated for speaking up. But after talking with Robert as well as my children, I honestly believe I do deserve the settlement that I received. My former employer retaliated against me for voicing wrongful, fraudulent, and illegal issues going on within the business. This would not have happend without Robert Meyer’s help!!”

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