What is an Oregon pregnancy discrimination attorney, and do I need one?

Being pregnant is a trying situation. You might become more conscious of it if you are discriminated against in the workplace due to your pregnancy. Please contact the pregnancy discrimination attorneys at Meyer Employment Law if you think that you are being treated differently at work.

There are several laws in Oregon at both the federal and the state level that prohibit pregnancy discrimination at the workplace in the scope of hiring, promotions, or termination. In this article, we will mention some of these and the fundamental mechanisms that are in place for you to file claims against any such discrimination. However, before taking any action against your employer, you should hire expert Oregon pregnancy discrimination attorneys so that they can help you with the detailed legal perquisites and requirements that need to be filed in a claim.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the federal law that provides the protections against sexism regarding pregnancy, including the prohibition of:

  • Refusal to hire due to pregnancy.
  • Firing or disciplining others when they are pregnant.
  • Removal of unused vacation time and long-term illness insurance during pregnancy.
  • Firing an individual because they have decided to have an abortion.

You can bring a lawsuit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) if you have been discriminated against in either of you have faced any of these violations:

  • You were expressly denied employment because you were pregnant.
  • You were laid off due to pregnancy.
  • Told that you are not fit for promotion because you are pregnant.
  • You did not get incentives because you are pregnant.
  • Maternity leave was rejected or refused, and you did not take any other kind of leave.

At the state level, you have ORS659a, which provides similar remedies to the federal law and prohibits discrimination against pregnant women. The law also requires pregnant workers to have proper accommodations in the workplace and be given sufficient breaks for breastfeeding purposes. Further, Oregon also has the Oregon Family Leave Act, which allows 12 weeks of leaves for eligible workers. The workers can also get additional 12 weeks due to pregnancy-related conditions.

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It can be challenging to determine whether an act of pregnancy discrimination took place as an employee. There are two critical aspects to it. They are whether you were treated differently to other employees when it came to hiring, promotion, or raise and whether your pregnancy was a cause for such treatment. If the answer to both these questions is positive, then there are strong chances that you were subject to discrimination.

As a victim of pregnancy discrimination, you have to consult a pregnancy discrimination lawyer in Oregon for proper guidance and a plan of action. Attorneys from Meyer are experienced in a large number of discrimination claims. It is illegal to discriminate against employees in Oregon during hiring, promotion, raise, or termination solely based on them being pregnant. It is essential that you consult an attorney with expertise in this area to help you.

Our attorneys have substantial experience representing employees in Oregon pregnancy discrimination claims.

Have you experienced pregnancy discrimination in the workplace? Do you have questions about discrimination? Allow an Oregon pregnancy discrimination attorney to help. Contact us at Meyer Employment Law.

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